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stop stressing

stop stressing 02/11/2018by CassieMorganM Hey y’all I swear these blog posts I write to myself sometimes. I be stressin’ hahaha and it’s not the bad stress it’s the good stress... Read More

No time like NOW {C&K boutique}

No time like NOW {C&K boutique} 01/27/2018by CassieMorganM Hey readers, So just yesterday night I announced I was in progress starting up an online boutique! Even more exciting than that I... Read More

1st Giveaway post ~

Hello my Sunday peeps, If you follow my blogs Instagram than I informed everyone when I first made an account for my blog that when I reached 500 followers I... Read More

motivating Monday

This caption is a down right lie. I am not having a motivating Monday. I actually feel kind of sick. Food poisoning always scares the heck out of me and... Read More
2018 GOals and Exciting News

2018 GOals and Exciting News

Hey there, I am here today to share some personal goals of mine! Please feel free to share a goal of yours in the comments! I would love to hear... Read More

Color craze

Hi readers. I hope you all had an amazing holiday and time off. I reversed the schedule and worked through Christmas break, but today after work I will be on... Read More
Color craze
Cozy scarf I can’t live without.

Cozy scarf I can’t live without.

Hey y’all. Happy Tuesday! Only 6 more days until the best time of the year, Christmas! I am super proud of myself because I have done all of my Christmas... Read More

What’s on my Christmas List 2017

Tis the season. Only 12 days, 11 hours, 2 minutes, and 9, 8, 7, 6 seconds till Christmas! Can you believe it?! I am over the moon about Christmas coming... Read More
Stripes and OTK boots

Stripes and OTK boots

Y’all I am freaking out. There is snowwwwww in North Carolina. I woke up this morning and called and texted my family letting them know how happy I was to... Read More

Pocket Dresses. These are a few of my favorite things

I think this is the slowest Wednesday I could possibly be experiencing. I have had no sales today and I’m just searching the internet like a crazy person for things... Read More
Main Image - Ruffle Sleeve T-Shirt Dress