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This caption is a down right lie. I am not having a motivating Monday. I actually feel kind of sick. Food poisoning always scares the heck out of me and I'm always super cautious of what I eat, but I had some hibachi leftovers in the fridge at work and they are just not agreeing with me at all. To get my mind off of it or try too at least I wanted to share a few quotes from the web that have helped me throughout life. Again personally.

Anything I share on my blog is absolutely 100% my thoughts. That's why I can be pretty crazy and weird in posts but that's just because I am, ha ha. Throughout the years I have had a pretty successful upbringing. This has been a positive and negative thing in my life but mostly positive. I am extremely blessed and proud to be a part of my family. My parents have always been very motivating and helpful. In case you didn't already know my family owns Pepper Palace (which I have talked about in a few other posts on my blog before) and it has become a pretty popular retail shop to buy hot sauce let me tell you. So KUDOS to them. I am on my way to achieving great success.. I can taste it. Well...not literally but I am ready to make something of myself and well that's where this post has come to my mind. In no way am I bragging or "miss know it all". I learn along the way and make plenty of mistakes.

Here are a few quotes that have motivated me in my life so far. Hope you get some motivation out of these as well.

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Thanks for reading today's post. I'm kind of pumped up after creating that collage. Motivating quotes can be so awesome. Good for the soul!! ❤ Till next time

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