About Us

Hey! I'm Cassie, Welcome to Pretty Pop Boutique formally knows as C&K Boutique. - I hope each of you find something that makes you feel pretty and makes you smile!

I started C&K Boutique March of 2018 because it has always been a dream of mine to own a Boutique. I love that I am working for the fun of it and the best part is my customers, experiences, and memories I'm making! Helping girls feel pretty and happy makes it all worth it! My Dad has always been my motivation for wanting my own business one day. Him and my Mom have been business owners ever since I was a child, and watching them from my eyes the passion I created for C&K Boutique could not be ignored anymore so, I made it my reality. The name C&K actually came from using my first initial and my roommate at the time her first initial. We had plans to start this together but things changed and that's completely fine. 

Fast Forward to October 4 2019 I changed the name of my Boutique because it just felt right to do finally. I never really liked the word "cute" and that stuck with me and still does. If you call somebody cute it just doesn't pop for me. Being called or calling someone pretty just hits home. The word pretty isn't about just looks its about what's on the inside. So that's when Pretty Pop Boutique was introduced. I am thankful to run this online boutique with my amazing family and you girls. 

Our Motto:

 Wear Pretty Pop clothing with a smile because a smile is contagious. We promise to always provide a trendy girly vibe and offer the latest and greatest styles at an affordable cost. I selectively hand pick each and every item we sell. Getting to live my dream with my family and friends is the greatest gift in the world.

Thank you all for your support!!



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