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Hi readers.

I hope you all had an amazing holiday and time off. I reversed the schedule and worked through Christmas break, but today after work I will be on my way to Charleston, SC to get on a cruise ship. ( : (: Ask me how excited I am!!

This will be a rather short post because I’ve been slammed with responsibilities! Only 1 day stands between me and 🛳🛳🛳. I’m fine with going away for ten days ☺️🤗 can’t wait. Today I wanted to share these velvet boots I’ve been loving so much. They are super fun and brighten up any plain outfit. If you are like me go daring and wear it with another statement color. I feel like a lot of people would not pair them with a dark hunter green sweater but I did, and I think it looks awesome! Fashion these days is honestly whatever you’re into. If you feel good wearing it then do it because no one is telling you no. Do your thing. My outfit details are below. I will see ya’ll next week.

Outfit deets 🙂

Booties (different color, but still velvet goodness <3)


Jeans (similar and only 30$!!)


Purse (similar)

img_1106 Photo creds ✨ sarahhookerphotography.

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