stop stressing

stop stressing

Hey y’all

I swear these blog posts I write to myself sometimes. I be stressin’ hahaha and it’s not the bad stress it’s the good stress if that is even a thing..  I know this because I have a random eye twitch and when I looked it up on Google it says lack of sleep or stress. So there we go. Google is always right. (Don’t quote me on this) I don’t really know what to make of this post.. I am in a good place right now and I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a bit but I have a lot going on my agenda! I guess I wanted to write today to catch you all up on what I’m trying to accomplish in my sometimes interesting life. (seriously this eye twitching has to stop) I’m going to make a list at the end of this post of ways I try to relax and chill and let the stress go as well.

So to start I haven’t been blogging much because I just don’t know what direction to go with it and I’m being honest. I know people say just blog about what you’re passionate about but I’m passionate about a lot of things. This is where I need my readers YOU to help. As you already know or if you are just reading this I love fashion, food, and traveling. c’mon that’s so cliche cas who doesn’t love that?? lol. I know I’m so basic. Please excuse me and let me be. ha ha. just to add to that basic list quick so I differentiate myself a little bit I also love my cat, giving advice and hot chocolate! You can’t beat those three things I think. Anyways here are my ideas and I would love if you would connect with me whether that be through the comments on my blog or email. I am opening up a shop online for girls. I have been going crazy finding the best brands that I want to carry and believe deliver exactly the look I’m looking for. I’m very excited about this new exciting but nerve racking decision I’ve made recently and would love the support from you guys. I am thinking about integrating my online shop with my personal blog. The clothes I will be selling will be completely my style and what I like so if you agree or like my fashion sense jump on board. I think it will be great to showcase the clothes that way. I have always believed that when your day is awesome it’s because you feel/look good in what you are wearing. Not always but for me this is a very true statement. So that is one idea for my blog and once my shop is open online and on Instagram I will have a lot more “clothes” posts! I’m so excited. 

Another thing that has been racking my brain is personal posts. Do you guys like my everyday more personal lifestyle posts? I used to do them often. It could be a recipe post about what I made for dinner that night or something new I have in my room or a eventful weekend I had.. idk. I kind of stopped them and was going to focus more on the clothes and my shop, but I enjoy posting anything so let me know your thoughts. I guess that’s it. I’m just a little stuck right now because I do enjoy blogging but I’ve always dreamed of having my own boutique. Follow along here  & here

I guess where the stress is coming from is trying to do all of this at once. I get so many ideas in my head and I can picture my shop and sending out orders and getting pictures done with the clothes…and it’s all super exciting but I need to stop and smell the roses too. Rome wasn’t built in one day. Take it one step at a time and eventually I will look back and be proud. The process is super fun and I need to enjoy each bit. Do you feel this way sometimes? It could just be me I’m really not sure. lol

Relax girllllll

  1. take a bubble bath
  2. read a book
  3. play with thunder (my cat)
  4. Try out a new face mask
  5. cook something (preferably tacos)
  6. hot chocolate with a mountain of whip cream alllll night longgggg
  7. call my mom and blab
  8. chew on ice (weird I know)
  9. watch a movie with a super fuzzy blanket and fuzzy socks

that could be the weirdest list to you and I apologize in advance, just keepin’ it real (:

thanks for reading as always.

.blogger in Asheville.

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