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Hi all! Telling from the caption and pic I treated myself this week! I have close to 150 followers and I’m ecstatic about that. THANK YOU ! Recently I’ve hit some small goals that I’m super proud of so why not spoil myself just a little 🙃 ***these posts I plan on keeping up with so let me know how you like***This week I checked out Ulta and my forever favorite Altar’d State. I have one right next to my apartment basically so I’m in trouble with that, but anyways I just wanted to share my goodies I got! (This doesn’t happen on a regular) so I’m all smiles. Let me know what you think!

Altar’d state~


I finally got a halter tank swim top!! & it was on sale. I found this for 20$ and I must say I’m in luv. The colors are fab and it was a steal for sure for that price! I looked for the bottoms but they were non existent so I’ll probably pair this with black, salmon, or white bottoms. It has adorable embroidery stitching around the outline too. Similar Style Here Ok I’ll stop moving on..  these rings!  & I do highly advise every one of y’all getting these. Again 20$ and so stinkin’ CUTE. You can’t tell too much but it came with 12 rings I believe and 5 of them were so pretty I had to get this.The Exact Rings here The stud earrings were 12$ and I have very little to none just pearls so that was kind of a why not buy. (It was raining outside at this time so that’s probably where that sale came from) haha. I love this store but it’s definitely not too cheap. I tend to shop in the sales section and the jewelry. It’s not as pricey as the other adorable but to expensive stuff.


Probably the greatest store to ever exist.   (I could spend days looking at everything).  I don’t know if it was “give Cassie the good deals today day” or what, but it definitely felt like it. I picked up the juice beauty eye masks for 10$ I had to give those a try. It’s not the greatest thing out there for your eyes (I really like Sykn eye gels) but for the price it wasn’t terrible and it felt nice and cool under my eyes. And then I picked up the First Aid Beauty Cleanser 20$. It’s lovely. It’s shimmery and refreshing on my skin. I will use it in the mornings mostly bc my skin is always breaking out and  I luv my Mario Badescu  GLYCOLIC FOAMING CLEANSER  it wipes my acne right away in less then a week! Don’t use this every night, but when your skin is starting to break out or show signs of redness or blotchy this is the perfect cleanser! Hmmm the water bottle…oh yeah that was FREE. Yay. I love free. I picked up my normal shampoo and conditioner that I was running out of and this was a free gift from Pureology. It keeps my water {ice ice baby} cold and it’s all stylish and what not. I do recommend this brand for color treated hair! You can try samples at Ulta for like 7.50$

Well there you have it. Why does shopping have to be so fab?! Ugh. Well until next time! Reach those goals and work hard always!

 Thanks for reading. xoxoxo Cas. 

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Happy FriYAY. Have a wonderful weekend!

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