The #1 hot shop in Asheville. Where I spend most of my time.

Hey readers! I didn’t post yesterday but that’s OK..right? I kinda think about my blogging as showing you what’s going on in my life. So when nothing is happening I don’t blog lol. However I did have an awesome day at work yesterday. Laughing uncontrollably, having fun with customers, meeting new people, and finding the best deli to order my lunch from. It’s healthy and they deliver! YES!

My family is coming to visit me in Asheville tonight and staying the weekend and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s crazy when your away from someone your so used to being around 24/7 how much you miss them! I can’t wait to show them all the great foodie spots and we plan on going rock climbing or tubing also! So that’s what is going on with me right now. We are also going to “The Lobster Trap” restaurant later hopefully,if we can get in. That place is always packed! I hope we go because omg lobster! YUM! Always thinking about food…sorry.

This brings me to my post for the day. My job. I always had a weird thing/vibe working for my parents but being in a different area (not to far away from them lol) I LOVE IT! So I’m here today to talk about it.

Here it is the one the only(okay maybe not the only) hot shop in Asheville. This is the front of our store and you will find us(me) on College St downtown Avl. There are many more locations spread out across the US. Not international yet! We are your #1 hot shop. I have two reasons why you should visit us and I hope you do one day!

  1. We make everything homemade! When you walk into our store you will see an array of hot sauce, BBQ, salsa, wing sauce, seasoning, condiments, jellies..and more. It’s all locally made in Sevierville Tn. We source our peppers from a local farm in NC and the rest is history. We have incredible sauce specialists that create only the finest sauce for you and your families.
  2. Our entire store is a sample bar! Yes you can try before you buy. Just like clothes lol. You can pick each one that fits your taste, and it’s a super fun expierence getting to burn your mouth or not and try our milder stuff. We have crazy good recipes and do recommend checking us out online Pepper Palace ( or the link will take you to our website. You can order online as well! 😏

This is where I spend most of my days and I can’t complain. I try hot sauce all day long and sell product that I can really stand behind! It’s super fun and I love it so much. I’m here now and if you ever have a random urge to come check us out please do! We also have other locations maybe closer to you. Maybe even you have been to one before? Post in the comments any questions or if you have been or want to visit! I would love the positive feedback! 💕

xoxoxo Cas.

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Here are some pictures of my favorite things and a picture of me with our buy local sign that we have here in Asheville! 

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