$Saving for Summer/my unusual tips I’ve used that work!

Making money is one thing but saving money is another..I wanted to share my unique ways with you all. I have been saving up money and still managing to have a social life. Score!
Look through your fridge and cabinets and organize it– This one might seem crazy but it has worked for me. All the time It would just be instilled in my head that “there’s no food here” but it wasn’t actually true. So I would end up going out to eat and spending 20-30$ and that was not making life easier. (Let’s face it when you are out to eat you are not spending less then 20$ with tip) Eating at home is okay and you do have food! Just look! I have made some really awesome meals with my “no food in fridge” moments lol

My advice
: Fast Food is cheap but BAD. If you are like me and work a lot and don’t have much time to spare on making 5 star meals all the time I would suggest Earth Fare. They have inexpensive healthy meals always available and they taste like heaven              

Another tip-drink a bottle of water with every meal! It fills you up and it’s amazing  for you. Win & Win.

Focus on your bigger picture
– Maybe you want to own a business of your own one day, shoot photos as a professional, travel, or become a professional blogger? He he. All of these involve money and always will. The trick is to let go of those (little things) you found online or stumbled upon one day and think about that bigger goal. Online shopping is the death of our bank accounts! Instead of shopping all the time like it’s a regular thing to do think about it as rewarding yourself once in a while when you do something to get closer to your goals you set. I have a planner that I make notes in and set small realistic goals for myself. If these goals are reached in the time I set them I will reward myself with going out to eat, taking time off for vacay, or buying something online. It works for me!

Payday has arrived
– Do not keep all that cash in your account just waiting to be spent. Make an initiative to put half or a quarter of your pay into savings. It’s hard to remember but you can do it. I put an alarm on my phone and it helps remind me every week 😉

Find a good Netflix show to binge watch
-Obviously don’t waste your whole day away watching a show and forgetting everything else, but when it’s night time and you get bored and want to do something that involves money and it’s not of importance put that Netflix on or any service provider you have. It is always the way out of spending money and enjoying some you time. Invite friends over to watch a show/movie also this helps if your one who doesn’t enjoy being alone.

This is what I’m currently obsessed with. Chris and I watch it 500 miles apart from each other.
Stay at home on days off– We all get that feeling of relief when we have a day off and want to spend spend spend because that’s the only day we have, but truthfully staying at home is the better option. You can get so many things done that you never knew needed to be done. Not saying to stay inside all day but just get away from the mindset of “this is my day off and I have $$$” 😅

Indulge in a DIY spa day– Face masks, hair masks, cucumbers over the eyes, warm bath, hot tea. No you did not just spend 100$ at the spa you are in the comfort of your home and that cucumber costed 0.78$ 🙂 don’t be spending money on a day at the spa when you literally have that in the comfort of your home. You can paint your nails and toes too! Don’t rely on those 50$ mani pedis..You are better than that lol.

Find other scenarios that don’t involve money
– This might seem like a no brainer but I’m serious. When you stop thinking about going bowling or to a movie that costs $$$ because that’s what everyone is doing that night suggest something different. I have had so many just as fun times that involved 0 dollars and enjoyed my time. Game night, A day at the pool, read a book, work out, clean your room/apartment, talk to someone on the phone, organize stuff, go for a run, meet a neighbor, do some yoga. Plus maybe something in this list is a goal you have set 🙂 ah see what I did there!

Watch your savings grow
– This is the best part! Check your account each week or month depending on your work schedule and see that commitment you have been putting in. You will feel like a million bucks and if you keep it up you could have that feeling one day hah! Wouldn’t that be wonderful!!

Thanks for reading! If you have other tips to offer I would love to hear them. Hope these help.
xoxoxo, Cas.

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