New family member (: | 5 tips!

Finally I have a new fury friend. Her name is Thunder. She is about 8 weeks old and I got her from this lady on Facebook. She has a bunch of strays roaming around her house and I was lucky enough to pick one out and take home with me !! I’ve had a rough couple of weeks that I’m not ready to talk about yet, but I promise I will clue you in when I’m ready. For now this little girl is my company for the time being and I love her so much already. I will probably be posting a lot of her on Snapchat so make sure and follow my account : casssle 

I live in a one bedroom apartment and it can be nerve racking  having a tiny kitty running around (lost) So I wanted to post some tips for having a small cat or animal in general in an apartment. It can be done! And it’s necessary if you live alone! Take it from me who lived alone for a while.

tip 1 :  put a collar with a bell on your pet. You will be able to hear it if the animal ends up somewhere it isn’t supposed to go. 

tip 2 : keep the food and water bowl in the same room as the potty. You don’t want your poor animal feeling lost. You may think your place is tiny but that little thing has no idea! When everything is kept in the same room they can get a better understanding of where to be. 

tip 3 : When you leave to go somewhere make sure doors are closed. If you leave every door open it is a lot more likely they will get lost and/or destroy something. 

tip 4 : toys and scratching post! Make sure your animal has something to play with while you are gone or busy. Even just little balls that make a jingle noise are perfect. My little girl was playing with hers all morning while I was getting ready. Also, if you want to save your curtains, couch, and other non scratch proof items get a scratching post! You won’t be sorry. 

tip 5 : Give your animal time to adjust. Patience is key. Don’t force it. If you’re gone for a long time into evening time (like me) make sure and give them extra love and cuddles when you are home. Your pet is depending on you to feel safe and warm in new surroundings so make sure and be the best mom or dad you can be (: 

That’s all from me today. I miss my little kitty right now but life of course gets in the way, haha. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

xoxoxo, Cas    

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