My trip to see Chris before he deploys

Hey readers! Judging by the title you know that my post about my time with my boyfriend is here. I’m currently sobbing at the thought of Chris leaving me for 6 months but I want to share with you the good times we had before he leaves . 😦 

I will split this up into days because it makes it a lot easier. (We didn’t have a lot of cash and he worked the entire week so we didn’t do anything crazy , lol) but still just spending time with him was worth it. I’m gonna miss him ;( 
Day 1- Sunday 

I arrived at our hotel around 3 pm and we shared hugs and checked into our room. we unpacked and then went to Texas Roadhouse (our favorite) it’s new to his area so it was packed but we waited! After that we came back home and tried to catch up on our show prison break but I fell asleep lol. I can’t help it..that’s a long drive!

Day 2- Monday 

Chris got up to go to work and I stayed at the hotel for a while and watched Netflix and ordered in some Cracker Barrel (it was raining) and then when he had a lunch break I met him and friends for Sushi. Later on I went and got my nails done because why not! When he came home at around 5 we went down to the lobby because they were doing a dinner. It was Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, and corn and beers and wine. It was good and we ate it but later on I had the worst stomach ache!! So we didn’t eat from them anymore lol. Ended up calling it an early night again and went to sleep. He worked every day during the week so couldn’t really blame him. 

Day 3- Tuesday 

Chris went to work and I went to a new vegan spot I found on yelp. It was very good and full of flavor. Lots of Indian spices and just super good. It was storming really bad so I ended up staying there a while and talking to the girls about the place. I got soup, salad, cinnamon tea, my meal, and a cookie all for 11$! It’s called Good Karma Cafe and they have a spot in Gulfport Ms and New Orleans. 

When he got off we went and had ice cream and played Uno in Ocean Springs at a place called Fahrenheit Cafe. It’s one of those new trendy ice cream joints that make your ice cream homemade and roll them up. (I hope you know what I’m talking about) ha ha. Later on that night we sorta fought and I was being a butt head and he was tired from working so he took a nap and I watched shark tank. We made up! Lol


Day 4- Wednesday 

Chris worked AGAIN. So I decided to take a trip to New Orleans to see a family friend. Besides it was only 45 minutes away and there was nothing better to do so I woke up around 8 am had some breakfast at the hotel and went to visit her. We had some drinks and sat in tubes in her pool. She lives on the bayou so the view was gorgeous! Later on she took me into town and we went to Tacos & Beer and had awesome salsa and tacos and 0.25$ beer ! Can’t beat that. They had this game going on.. flip a coin and if you get it right your beer is 0.25$ lol so we both did good. I was going to leave after our lunch but it stormed really bad so we went to a place next door and ended up talking to this really cool bartender! Our intentions were to play pool but we just chatted for a little bit and then went back to her place. (Sharon if you read this I love you and thanks for sharing that awesome day with me!) I left later on and met Chris back at the hotel. It was late so I just went to sleep. 

Day 5- Thursday

Alright y’all..I’m about to get real.. I honestly deleted this back and forth so many times but this is my blog and I want to keep it honest and real. I had a very bad start to my day on Thursday I don’t know why! I cried and cried and cried. Chris was working and he sort of knew what was going on as much as I would clue him in but something was just getting to me. I kept telling my boyfriend I didn’t love him and I didn’t want to be with him anymore and that I just wanted to go home and not be there and I have no idea why. I chatted with my mom and she said it was just emotions and I get that. I agree with her to a certain point but other things were strange. Random mood swings and uncontrollably crying. It was awful, and I might not need help or I might idk but I’m going to talk with a Dr now that I’m back home so please wish me luck 🙂 and a big thank you to my boyfriend for realizing I didn’t mean what I was telling him and for sticking by my side even in a hard time like that. I didn’t want to go anywhere or eat anything or do anything and he still managed to bring food to me and hug me and sit there with me on his lunch break. He had to go back to work but when he came back I was/am so thankful for him. Later on that night I started to feel better (but really embarrassed) and we ended up going out to eat at a hibachi place and we shared a special that had everything! Steak, lobster, scallops, and shrimp. (OK now I’m hungry again) and then went to a friends house. Got to see a lot of people and share memories and stories and that was a fun time. You don’t understand humor or military life until your dating someone who is in the field. It’s something else, lol. I’m glad I was feeling better and that Chris pushed me to do these things because it helped a lot! I felt a ton better!! 

Day 6- Friday

Last day Chris had to work and it was the weekend! I was feeling much better and ran to Starbucks and laid out by the pool most of the day. His parents came into town for the weekend so we hung out with them when he got off work. They took us to the Rack-house which was a high end steak house. We of course all had steak and it was so GOOD! After our food we went to the casino! I was definitely the lucky one this weekend. I ended up winning 100$ on some machine and Chris was all mad it wasn’t Later on we went to his friends house that was having a get together and had a few drinks and I learned how to play “cops and robbers” (some drinking game…but I wasn’t a fan) haha. We still had a lot of fun and I ended up driving his car home 😛

Day 7- Saturday

Oh my gosh a miracle! Chris didn’t have to work lol! He got to sleep in with me and that was great. We slept in till about 9:30 and then met his parents at Cracker Barrel for brunch. After that we visited my favorite casino in Biloxi called Harrah’s and I won 200$ on a machine I always play when I’m there. It’s my best good luck charm so I’m not giving it away hehe. At this point Chris was just rolling his eyes when I got a bonus or hit big. Over all he was happy for me though. I think…lol. After that we went an played mini golf  that had a “real” volcano erupt every 10 minutes. It scared me so bad when it went off. I ended up coming in last but oh well we had a lot of fun. The course was actually pretty challenging and we all equally had a few 5’s on our scoreboards lol. For dinner we went to Half Shell and I had oysters of course. That is a must visit if you ever find yourself down on the coast of MS. Amazing seafood and drinks for a good price! 

His parents were so nice. I couldn’t be more grateful. His family is great (: We found ourselves back at the casino for a few hours and I had some more luck. Chris not so much, but we joked for a while that if I touched any of them it would bring them luck. I don’t think it was fake though once I jokingly gave them the lucky touch they started winning! All of them! My pleasure 😛 

We said our goodbyes to his parents and picked up a 6 pack of beer, did a nose charcoal strip, and demanded to finish prison break at our hotel. We got through like 3 episodes but I was so tired so we went to sleep. Plus I was leaving tomorrow ):

Day 8- Sunday

Today was the day, I had to leave ): We had a rather silent morning packing up our things. I was so sad to be leaving him and I knew he felt the same way. We had brunch at PJ’S downtown Gulfport. It was really good. We shared a french dip, and a Cajun breakfast sandwich and both got coffee drinks (mine was decaff though) UGH. He kept joking with me on what we wanted for dinner and if I was gonna get red or white wine…but I kept assuring him I had to leave 😦 I drove him back to base and helped him carry things into his place and told myself I wouldn’t cry. I stayed there for a little bit watching him unpack his things and getting back to his life. It was very bittersweet and you could tell at any second we were both going to start sobbing, but we didn’t. I gave him a hug and said goodbye. That sucked. It was bittersweet but mostly sucked. I didn’t get all of what I needed to say to him out because if I would’ve started talking about his deployment I would’ve started balling so I just kept it short and sweet. Chris when you read this just know that I love you and be safe. I can’t say much more. When I finally reached my car I looked down at my phone with a text that read “currently crying”. Lets just say it was a long difficult drive back when all I wanted to do was turn around! Coming into what is now the present I am back at work and we text every second of the day so thank God for phones! I love this guy! It will be a long six months without him and I plan on keeping busy with work and getting fit. I plan on finding a adult sports team or workout group to join, I think that will be good for me. Also I am counting down the days till I’m cruising to Mexico with my family! We have been through one deployment together and we will get through another. I will be on the other side when he finally comes home. 

Thank you for reading and letting me know that you are interested in my blogs. I forgot to mention that this blog is also a big help for me. It keeps me busy and I enjoy it so much! Thanks for all my wonderful followers. Everyone have a blessed awesome Tuesday! 

xoxoxo, Cas.

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