MaskCara Beauty Review

Hey there, I am here to talk about makeup today. Another blogger I follow on Instagram @KatieRose4 inspired me to check out this brand. Wondering why I never post make up reviews or swatches or anything like that? I am one of those girls that has no idea what she’s doing in the makeup world lol, This product saved me. I really think I’m obsessed with how awesome and quick and easy it was to apply this makeup!

MaskCara Beauty HAC (Highlight & Contour) I know you were wondering, lol.

Purchasing: Okay so I sent in a picture of my face without makeup and was suggested on which colors to get because I would have no idea honestly. And they have a lot to choose from. I went on the website and purchased the 1. Contour 2.Highlight 3.Illuminator 4.Blush/lip and the 30 second hac brush (life saver). All together it was like $80 but I got a free compact to put my shade palettes in so that was nice.  I will let y’all know what colors I used so you can get an idea.

Review Using the product: I really enjoyed putting this on and I love the finished look. I had to watch a few videos on YouTube, but in less then 10 minutes I was ready to try it. It really is an easy simple process. The finishing look is not caked or slimy. It has a dewy pretty full coverage look, but you don’t even feel like your wearing it! Check out my insta story for my videos on how I applied this and make sure to check this brand out. For all my ladies out there that are like me and don’t have time to put a full face on or honestly don’t even know where contour, highlight, and all that stuff goes this is highly recommended! I feel like I will be using this palette a lot now.

I have no other makeup on other then this product in the pictures below and I also used baby skin primer before I applied. I also would put a setting spray over top. I feel like it gives my skin an all around even bright glow and that is perfect for summer time!

My color palette

Contour- Olive

Highlight- Aura

Illuminator- Honey

Blush- Nude




xoxoxo, Cas. I hope you all have an awesome Monday !
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