I apologize for my disappearing.

Hey readers, long time no see. I apologize. The tsunami of colds came crashing down on me and I was sick for like 5 straight days! UGH. I’m finally getting better and hopefully stay better because I have a cruise to attend soon! On today’s post I wanted to talk about leggings! Let’s be honest with ourselves. Jeans and skirts aren’t always the comfiest of choices, am I right?! I love leggings and I will never not have 10 or 20 pair of black ones to choose from. Most importantly though…when we wear leggings I think it’s a must to wear long tops to cover that booty. I for one am not always loving the way these tops look on me, but I have found a few that I am loving and a few that I personally have! Check them out below!

Z Supply has perfect tees to pair with leggings for a more casual look. Here are a few I personally have. In order with pictures- The vagabond, The Pocket Tee, and The Homerun ( I have every one of these below in these colors) I’m wearing the long sleeved one now! 


A new favorite store of mine recently has been Express. It’s so classy chic and affordable. Here are a few picks I love for leggings! I personally don’t have all of these picks, but they are on my wish list! However the shirt I’m wearing in this picture is from Express but I couldn’t find it online.

More of my FAVES below (:

Burn-Out Cut Out Shoulder Tee

Marled Tie Sleeve Hi-Lo Sweater Top

Reversible Twist Back Long Sleeve

Sequin Palm Tree Graphic Tank


That is just a few picks from me personally. The list is probably endless! Let me know below what you love to pair with your favorite leggings. Thanks for reading and again sorry for being away for a bit, I couldn’t focus on Netflix hardly let alone my blog…lol

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! ❤ 

xoxoxo, Cas.  Follow me on Insta

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