Beach vacay with my person.

Gosh what a fun time! Take a Vacation this Summer y’all.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I sure have, and it’s so nice to be able to take a break from reality for a little while and just have FUN. I recommend everyone take time off every now and then and enjoy your life. Whether that’s with a SO, family, friends, or strangers (always be careful) it’s just such a fun time. I love being on vacation and not knowing what day of the week it is. I took a week off work with my boyfriend just four hours away to myrtle beach, SC and we had a blast. Also something to consider..whatever position your in, if the weather isn’t in your favor or something isn’t going the way you want it to just breathe and focus on the positive. It rained for us a few nights but instead of being sad and staying in we focused on things we could do. Movies, walk in the rain anyways, shop. Lol but below are a few pics from our trip I wanted to share 😊 get out there and experience the happy awesome things in life like the beach, palm trees, sunny weather! Make memories and don’t forget the sunscreen ☀️👍If you can’t have fun with him he’s not the one. This is Chris and I on stage at a club and then we danced (a little) again us on stage. He is my goof!putt putt adventure. I (almost) won. We were lucky enough to enjoy 3 of the days at the beach! Thank you Mother Nature 😍endless amounts of crab legs. Go to Benjamin's Calabash seafood restaurant. Amazing 100 item or more buffet with all you can eat crab! Sweeping me off my feet (most of the time) 😂 if you don’t have a little drama in your love life are you really in love?! Funky monkey! Also called Adult chocolate milk with all the fixings. I only had 1 so I don’t feel extremely guilty! My person and I at the Bowery at the boardwalk. It is the oldest bar “77 years” and supposedly where the band ALABAMA started playing. How cool! We had fun with the band and the folks there! And the $2.75 Bowery beer lol gotta have oysters at the beach. It’s a rule if you didn’t know 👍😂 I didn’t know how to shuck them personally so our waitress did. Thank you ma’am your the real MVP. This was at Shucker’s raw bar on the strip. The beautiful Boardwalk! A must see! We didn’t get to do the sky wheel but maybe we will go back another time. Walked the beach and looked for shark teeth and pretty shellls in the rain, but we are still smiling! Oh yeah. Johnny D’s waffles and bakery your mimosa, 🍇 pancakes and Rubens were awesome! Thanks! I recommend this place for breakfast or lunch.

Thanks for reading xoxoxo Cas. VA-CAY well spent 😍

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