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Afternoon friends,

I have been crazy busy this month and last month. I hardly find the time to write so when I do it’s because I actually have time.. & I have to be honest I had all day to blog but having the day off laying in bed watching movies and snuggling thunder was worth it. So forgive me! What has been on my mind lately?? Friendships. Well and the fact that my blog has reached 700 followers and counting. <33 I am so grateful for every one of you and also wish you the most success in your blogs as well! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Having friends has positively changed a lot about my life. Life is a lot more exciting and busy and it feels great. I feel very blessed and thankful to have met my friends here in Asheville and here on WordPress after just moving here a short while ago and blogging only 6 short months ago. Growing up I didn’t have a bunch of friends and found myself always lonely and sad. I realize now how great it is to have people care about you so much. It’s truly a great feeling and energy. So because this has been on my mind I wanted to write down a few reasons why I think friendships are so great. Feel free to add to my list in the comment section.

Friends help you with relationship crisis

Friends help you through stressful times

Friends are like family

Friends are there to talk to you about anything

Friends take the best pictures with you and of you

Friends uplift you 

Friends bring out your fun personality

Friends are there for those yes/no moments

Friends love you for who you are

Friends keep you safe

Friends share food (:

Friends are positive

Friends challenge you

Friends keep you strong

Friends will never make you feel lonely

Friends make you laugh

Friends are there to lend a helping hand

Friends give you the best birthday parties

Friends boost your self confidence

Friends help you gain more friends

Friends give you a reality check

Friends discover new exciting things with you

Friends go shopping with you

Friends have good taste

Friends are Important ❤ 

I hope you agree with my list of why friends are so great.  Of course there is a million more reasons out there lol but these hit home with me. When you meet friends that match up to this list never let them go. They are a true friend and will have your back forever. Give me a comment below if you agree and if you want add to this list (: 

Thanks for reading my afternoon thoughts. Again just BC I’m in awe.. I’m at 700 followers that is a dream come true, I love ya’ll. 

xoxoxo, Cas. currently blogging in Asheville and currently researching how to become self hosted <:} (it’s more complicated than I thought)


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