10 Reasons to freak out about fuzzy socks.

I don’t know about y’all but when I open my sock drawer 90% of my socks are fuzzy socks. I cannot find a reason not to love them. Here is 10 reasons why you to should love these cozy creations.

  1. They’re cheap (dolla dolla bills y’all)
  2. They come in so many designs and colors
  3. You can literally find them anywhere
  4. They keep your feet so WARM 
  5. You can wear them all year round! 
  6. You will understand the truth behind happiness 
  7. They make you feel youthful
  8. People compliment them almost always 
  9. You feel so fly
  10. You have the best chill day or best night sleep ever

Take my advice and get you some that you really like, and if you already own a pair or 20(like me) next time you are wearing them remember how amazing they truly are.

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