Purple and Flowy Friday

Hey readers! I wanted to share an outfit post with you today. 🤗 I am not great at these but honestly I love fashion and shopping. Who doesn’t ? Let’s be honest. Maybe when you were like 13 I guess it probably wasn’t all about shopping. My youngest sister dreads it sometimes and she’s recently a teen. (That will change) she already has worn my wedges once when she came to visit with my parents. oh my gosh. she’s a doll.. but I feel like even when I was younger I  dressed super girly and cute at least I thought so haha. Today is Friday which means it’s the weekend so I’m all smiles. I work today and tomorrow, but something about the weekend is just realxing and fun. I decided to wear my flowy purple “hippie” style dress today because it always puts me in good spirits. I hope you enjoy! I will link below where I got everything. I love all the different things going on with this dress! So much detail. It has a drawstring detail in the front that you can tie or just let hang. The stitching is adorable! It’s featured mostly on the front chest area but then there is stitching detail down the sides to create more effect. I think this dress is perfect for brunch with the girls, date during the day in the park or outside anywhere. I bought this one at a local boutique back home so I do recommend checking out your locals! It’s always nice to support local businesses. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! (I should be outside somewhere in this dress), but I promise I’ll get better at these posts! Lol. Thank you so much for stopping by. Let me know if this fits your style, if you like this post, and if you support local small businesses! Have fun today~ 

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