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Who would have thought a desk with a computer and some cute decor would make such a difference?! My PC isn’t even a MAC BOOK he-he and I’m loving this new space in my room. Is anyone else on this bandwagon of wanting a MAC so badly ?? lol. anyways I get so excited to go home and just be in this environment. I wanted to share this with you because I’m almost positive this costed less than you would think! I bought it all in one day too! I also included a before and after of the “floating shelf look” These are so POPULAR right now and I now understand why. They add such awesome character to the look.

What’s on my desk? I am a very simple girl. I love the simplicity of a desk, a computer, and a few accessories. I have had my laptop for a while (due for a new desktop one) maybe one day.. but this one will do for now of course. A giraffe made out of different colorful cloth( I can’t remember where I got this I think it was a gift), but I LOVE giraffes so this particular one will always be visible somewhere! A Kate Spade pencil holder it was on sale and it’s so girly and cute. My planner I got from amazon that I try to use but I don’t know if I’m a planner type of girl. I’ll jot down birthdays and goals mainly. This antique led light it adds a different look so this will always be a staple on my desk and normally I’m not blogging until I’m off work or on days off. Some pictures to keep me motivated. I loved the “you go girl” phrase and it makes me smile so yeah.

Below I’m going to link where I got everything.  What do you think about this space? It’s perfect for all you bloggers if you haven’t bought these kind of things yet! I can sit there for hours just reading blogs and writing ❤ ❤  I’m still going to add more probably!


My space:

Target- Desk , Light (I got this exact light at my local target and it was on sale for $14.99) , picture , lightbox , floating shelf

Kate Spade – pencil cup

World Market- Chair (again this was on sale for $50.00) I love the clear look!!


Amazon- Planner

All together it was about $180.00. not bad at all!

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear about your fave spot at your place right now or if you are thinking about creating a similar look ❤

xoxoxo Cas. 

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