Intro to CassieMorganBlog 💖

So I was just typing away and I was telling you all about how it's OK to not be okay sometimes and things not work out in your favor. It seems to happen to me a lot but, have your moment and move on. Life isn't about being unhappy and stressed out. No one wants to feel that way if you tell yourself it's okay we'll lookie there it really is ok..everything is OK. I didn't want my first post to sound negative and I hope your not getting that idea. I wanted to be truthful and honest about how I'm feeling. So hi, my name is Cassie and I'm twenty years old. A lot of people in their twenties say it's their best year and others (like me) it's been a stressful one. Through big changes in my life, moving on getting an apartment moving out not having many can throw you curveballs but the mentality we all need to have is "is that it"? We can go through anything if you tell yourself you can. So even on bad days those are good days. We're alive, we're breathing, were walking, standing, dancing, telling our sibling and families we love them, we can hear, we can write. Our life is what we make of it so make it the best one you can and be HAPPY! I am happy to start this blog and share my life with you guys, and for people in my situation struggling to make friends or feel like that odd ball out you don't have to wallow in that feeling. Find things to do like write a blog, or make a YouTube channel, or volunteer somewhere in your city. There are endless opportunity in this life and we owe it all to our Lord and savior. God bless you all on this fine Monday afternoon. I should be heading to work soon. I look forward to following other people and blogging about my sometimes interesting life. Thanks for reading. You're beautiful 💖

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