Halo Top ICE-CREAM. No words

Okay so I’m currently eating my entire pint of halo top ice-cream. Yeah I didn’t wait to say this and let you figure out if I like this stuff or not… I LOVE IT. So let me just get one thing off my chest. If you follow my blog eventually you will learn that I love food! I love talking about food, blogging about food, smelling food, making food, but mostly eating food. So if you love food too then I’m so glad we found each other 😂
So anyways..do y’all remember when you would look up the recipe of how to make  homemade ice cream and shaking a plastic bag full of ice with another plastic bag inside of that plastic bag until your arms were about to fall off because it was that good? Well that’s my description of this stuff. It’s so salty and yummy. They have every kind of flavor and not just basic boring flavors Unique flavors like black cherry, pistachio, and sea salt caramel(which I heard is the best, and every time I go to the store that one is always gone)!! I definitely 10/10 recommend this ice cream and I haven’t even said the best part but clearly it’s written in big letters on the front of the pint so I’m sure you got the memo but incase not..it’s only 280 calories for the whole thing and it’s packed with protein! I’m in halo top heaven over here and the best part is I’m writing this post while eating it! I got the flavor birthday cake and I need to stop writing this post now so I can enjoy the rest of it. Haha. Thank you reading my little ice cream rant. I definitely add this stuff to my happy list. CHECK!

xoxoxo Cas

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