Coconut Oil is my Bestfriend!

Have you started using coconut oil yet?


I am going to give you 4 of my good reasons why you should invest 7 dollars into this jar of heaven!

  1. I use this on my hair.
  2. I use this on my skin
  3. I use this in my kitchen
  4. I use this as a makeup remover

My favorite way to use this is on my hair BTW

tumblr_inline_mufllqw5qk1s9ys1wOn Hair: This stuff does wonders for growth, shine, and split ends. What I like to do about once a week is take my dry unwashed un brushed hair and use it in my hair as a mask. Take your hair and separate it into layers, heat up about 3 tbsp. in a bowl and take the oil and put it root to end ( really soak your ends) and repeat this process until your entire head is greasy (lol). I then take all of my hair and tie it up into a bun and wait. For even more results use your hair dryer and heat up your hair and then wrap a towel around your head. Wait 30 minutes to an hour and then shampoo It out. For super damaged hair leave it in overnight! Wha la you are done.

Do this mask once a week and don’t forget and you will start loving your hair again. It’s a promise!


On Skin: This is a game changer for your skin. Where I like to use this most is on my lips. This cold weather does not settle well with my dry cracked lips so just rub some coconut oil over them and repeat the process when needed. It does wonders! Also, if your like me and have dry skin use a very small amount on your arms, elbows, legs, feet…wherever needed really, but don’t get carried away or your skin will look oily! moving on…

I’m telling you this stuff is GOLDEN!


In the Kitchen: First of all? How do you use coconut oil in cooking and baking?


Well funny you should ask. Coconut oil has a ton of health benefits that I won’t rehash, just Google it Smile but what really drew me to coconut oil was that it was so versatile and that it was a small and simple change that could have a huge impact on your overall health! Trading out vegetable/canola oils that are GMO’S and partially hydrogenated, for coconut oil that is organic and cold pressed is simple and anyone can do it to invest in their long term overall health.

You can use coconut oil as a butter substitute for making eggs, veggies, pancakes, waffles, cookies.. you name it. I even like to use it when I make fresh popcorn! I really encourage you to make this swap. It is worth the investment for sure!

Here are some ways I thought would be good uses for in the kitchen!

  • season a wok
  • stir fry
  • eggs
  • frying foods
  • sauté vegetables
  • in homemade baby food to increase good calories
  • coat a frying pan
  • in coffee or hot chocolate
  • in waffle/pancake/brownie mixes
  • to bake cookies
  • fry quesadillas
  • pie crusts
  • mix with honey
  • wilting greens
  • add to oatmeal
  • pizza crust
  • homemade salad dressings
  • cookies
  • muffins
  • biscuits


As a makeup remover: That stubborn eye liner and mascara that never comes off.. Well we found your weakness!! I’m sure you can guess we have been talking about it A LOT. Yup you’re right Coconut oildiy-makeup-remover! Dab some on a towel and wipe your eyes softly. Everything and I mean everything comes off! It’s almost a miracle because I have tried everything under the sun for a nice eye makeup remover. No longer do I need to research for that perfect product and neither do you. Also I do not put it all over my face because well it is oil and my face is oily enough already so I just do a couple sweeps on my eyes to get the makeup off and I follow up with a face wipe. I have also tried dozens of those only to be punished in the end with pimples and bumps, but I have been using these for a while and they are awesome. No problems yet to come and they make my face feel refreshed and clean and the wipe actually does get all my make up off somehow. Try them and let me know what you think!

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Thanks for reading, xoxoxo

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