A new healthier way to get your nails done.

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Try something new for your Thursday!!

Hey y’all I’ve discovered a new method to those “monthly” manicure dates. 💅🏼 I strongly agree with just doing this yourself at home to save money, but I cheated and went and got them done…plus you get the hand massage and that was worth it. Lol. So I wanted to share this awesome new way I found to get your nails painted. It’s called SNS or dip powder. I was clueless. I just got them done not to long ago and I’ll have to see how the color lasts! It’s a vitamin type powder that you dip each nail into (until you achieve the color) it’s supposed to be a lot healthier for your nails and make them grow twice as fast. We will see! The process does take a little longer then gel or regular polish but so far I’m loving them. They feel so smooth and soft and they dry right away because right after he dipped them he started fileing them and I freaked out a little thinking the powder would be everywhere. Haha. I think if you haven’t yet go get this done and if you have a little more money definitely get the duo. Nothing is greater than a pedicure!!! (I got that too) they only have the option of SNS for finger nails right now. Lots of color options as well. Here are mine. Let’s point out the obvious…my nails are SHORT. I don’t bite them necessarily I just like short nails. I do want to grow them out a little so this new nail vitamin powder might do the trick. I’ll let you know.  The place I went to also offered wine…heck yeah!!! 👌🏼

Thanks for reading! Have you had your nails dipped yet?! Wonder what they will come out with next lol. I’ll see you later. Hope you have a fab day.

xoxoxo Cas

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