When everything gets away from you!!

Do y’all have these moments?! I really don’t want to be the only one, seriously. I get so frustrated and a lot of it has to do with living on my own, I think. . I can’t stand when my place is a mess! So why do I make it messy? I can’t stand to do laundry and fold and put away clothes! So why do I wash them?😂 I can’t stand my pile up of dishes! Why do I keep them waiting for next year to roll around until I wash them? I can’t stand my bathroom and room being messy after I feel like I just cleaned it! Why do I throw clothes around on the floor and why do I put the entire kitchen sink on my bathroom counter? Can I just let out a huge SCREAM. Sometimes life is life and it’s messy and stressful and uninspiring. (I don’t feel the least bit inspired to want to clean right now) so I’m not. I’m eating chocolate and watching Netflix movies because I don’t feel like dealing with all this CRAP. I’m really not sure where I’m going with this post at all. I’m just having one of those pull my hair out and scream kind of days. Who else relates? 

Sincerely a very stressed lonely blogger in Asheville Nc. Hopefully tomorrow is better 😐

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