Update: My Eventful Weekend

Happy Monday (no one ever says that) Where did the weekend go?! lol. Today I wanted to share what all I did over the weekend with my family. Sorry if this post is boring to you I promise I’ll get better, but overall it was a very fun eventful weekend and I feel like I have to share this! I hope this post encourages you to spend time with your family and take a load off when you can!e016a5ea-2264-44f6-9af3-2c12be4f16be.jpg

  • Thursday- My family arrived in my NEW hometown known as Asheville, NC and we went out to eat at The Lobster Trap and had some of the best lobster EVER. The place was filled with happy people and a guy strumming on a guitar and he even was hooked up with a speaker in the bathroom HAHA. Can’t get much better than that. Then we went to Thirsty Monk near my place and had a flight of beers! Overall they were tasty but not the best brewery in asheville but we went for the convenience sake and good company…


  • Friday- I had to work during the day but my sister got to come with so that was a good time! Of course we stopped at smoothie king before. (It’s my favorite place ever) We challenged each other in the store going from hot, hotter, to almost “hottest” in the store. We both tried “death by salsa” and then we quit. We couldn’t go any hotter. We also ordered food from the deli I was talking about that was healthy and delivered to the store. ( I have a feeling I will always be calling in a delivery order from there) Then we pimped the store out with more cool stuff. A Bloody Mary display, banners, and window signs! The store looks even more awesome now! I wish I would have got pics! SORRY. Later that afternoon we laid out by the pool and played ping pong and chilled. My sister loves the water and my parents were exhausted from traveling so that was good for us. Later that day we went to NINE MILE! That’s in my last post from this one. That place is incredible. Not many people know about it so if your reading this… GO! After that we bought some cards at a gas station and played games at my place. slap jack, spoons, crazy 8’s…I don’t even know what else but we definitely stayed up past all of our bedtimes.


  • Saturday- The best day yet. Sadly my sister wasn’t interested in the Sierra Nevada brewery tour we did so she stayed in but It was so interesting to tour that place. They have the best beer yet and it’s a family owned company just doing what they love and doing it RIGHT. I really relate to it and love the atmosphere. I don’t even have enough words for the tour but it was a grand time. I took pics of course so look through those below! ! The tour is complimentary as well and our tour guide took us through all the steps in creating great beer. She was extremely knowledgeable about beer. At the end they provided a tasting of about 8 beers so we didn’t walk out of there sober ha. A little bit after that we thought it was only fair to do something we all enjoyed so we went to Well Played downtown. This place is advertised as a board game café and we are a family that loves board games, so we checked it out. They have over 500 games, snacks, and beer. We were beer’d out from the tour but we did take advantage of the cucumbers and hummus and giant choc chip cookie with ice cream. We played several games then went home and watched Trolls. (we stay up late) jeez. Also we took a trip to Moe’s earlier that day which I will argue is the second best BBQ place. Nothing compares to 12 bones when they are open. 



  • Sunday- It was a great day also. We went and ate at Green Sage Café which was super healthy. I decided to try a fresh squeezed juice… would I get it again? probably not…is it super healthy and good for you…yes! Then we went shopping for some things for my place. We came back to my apartment and hung some pictures and they helped me with odds and ends things because what are parents for! They are awesome people. They left earlier today so back to working a lot and blogging a lot. That’s all I do with my life and I’m okay with that !

Thanks for reading y’all. I love to see everyone making the most out of  life and enjoying family/friend time. Always take pictures. That’s my one piece of advice. I had to look back at pictures to remember what we all did! Pictures are the best memory savers!

xoxoxo Cas. 
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