CUPSHE 4 Summer Time~

I’m in awe. Where can you find cute bathing suits for cheap ever? No where!! Right? I just discovered a wonderful website called CUPSHE. You might have heard of this site but I’m just letting you know my personal opinion. My bathing suit was $17.00 and free shipping might I add. I am always skeptical of buying “cheap suits” online at random sites but I’m thrilled to have found this site. I ordered my suit (soon to be more in my cart) ha-ha and it arrived so soon! The quality, the fit, the color. Everything is perfect. They have in style super cute pieces. Enough of me bragging about this site go check it out for yourself. I am a fan! I hope you are too, heck I know you will be, and what better time for suits!? Maybe this has been around for a while but I’m just now hearing about it and I’m so glad I made my first purchase. I definitely see more of them in my future! 💕👙💕 thanks for reading. xoxoxo Cas

My exact suit is sold out I think but they have soooo many to choose from.

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