A cleaned out closet💎

Hey readers! In my last post I told you I was cleaning out my closet, and this is just to follow up with you guys how serious I was about this. I think it's so important to have pieces in your closet you feel confident in. I was swarmed with clothes that didn't fit me, my personality, and style. They were just taking up space in my closet and that is the biggest reason I am doing this dirastic change! I still have renovating to do, but I feel so much better with what I did! What have you done to make your closet a fun place to go shop in? I love reading comments and advice so comment below ⬇️ ☺️

FYI this only took 2 hours max. Any one can do this on a day off! Trust me you will feel a lot more in control with your style.

Here's 5 tips that helped me

1. Does it fit?

2. Do I feel confident in it?

3. Is the color something I still like to wear?

4. Have I worn this in the last 12 months?

5. Am I saving this just incase?

Thanks for reading xxo







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